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Flexible Packaging

Minimum quantities are gone.
No order is too small to produce!

Flexible packaging is entering a new stage in its life cycle. While flexible packaging in itself is already a 5-10 times more sustainable option compared to rigid containers, like glass, metal or HDPE plastic, new advances in digital printing are bringing a lot of new options for consumers. L-Print was one of the first companies in Northern Europe to offer flexible packaging printed on the latest HP Indigo 20000.

Digital printing in flexible packaging is shaking the industry from its foundations.

Everything is customizable.

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Forget the times when professionally looking pouches were an option only for the big brands. At L-Print we revolutionize the way pouches are made. By using a combination of digital printing, water-based lamination technology and ultra-efficient pouch forming system, we can offer you custom printed stand-up pouches and sachets from barely 500 pcs!

Our experts will help you choose the right materials based on your products and barrier requirements for UV protection, oxygen and water vapour transfer rate. White and brown craft paper finishing will give your products an organic feel and look, while metallic effects with matte or glossy finishing will make your pouch stand out from competition.

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With over 20 years of experience producing labels and state of art printing equipment no label project is too complex for us. Our experts will help you choose the right materials, adhesive and finishing techniques for whatever target you are aiming at – highest labelling performance, visual impact or most cost effective labels. Attack your challenges and prevent future problems with our knowledge and industry specific advice.

Using HP Indigo 6900 as our main digital press for labels opens new possibilities for you. Variable information and numbering. Security patterns and micro text. Digitally printed metallic colours. Invisible UV inks. Silk screen finishing.

You name it – we do it.

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Green choice packaging

We care about our environment and so do you.

Final step in the sustainable packaging journey is to make the Green Choice. We will help you choose sustainable packaging that best suits your needs without compromising visual appearance or shelf life of your products.

11 of the world’s leading brands including PepsiCO, Cocacola, Mars and Evian are working towards 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging by 2025.

Reusable. Recyclable. Compostable.

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Why choose us?

At L-Print, we all come to work everyday with a sole purpose of delivering excellent customer service and producing highest quality labels and packaging.
We reinvent the way flexible packaging is produced with state of art printing technology. We are able to offer unique value propositions for any company.

  • Sustainability

    Choose digitally printed products to reduce environmental impact. Digital printing is almost wasteless and more energy efficient than conventional printing.
  • Fast response

    Forget about long response times, inflexible terms or bad attitude. We care about your business and respond as quick as possible.
  • Flexibility

    We are one of the first companies to purchase HP Indigo 20000 in Northern Europe. Combined with water-based lamination system and almost wasteless pouch forming system, we are able to offer unique value propositions for any businesses.
  • Customer Service

    At L-Print we set the bar for customer service sky high. Forget about long response times, inflexible terms or bad attitude. We are here to guide you from the first contact to a lifelong relationship.

Case studies

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What people say

Since the first talk we had I were sold! They helped me further than all the way, they help me succeed! As a small business owner, there are always more things to keep track of than you think of. To live out a dream and see it come to life, L-Print has really helped me. Their focus on details and that everything should be exactly as I want it. And there expertise have saved my prints so many times.. They don't print before we have taken care of all lose ends. There fast respond and personal connection make me trust them and be proud to be one of their customer. Every time I watch one of my products I smile, and L-Print is one of the reasons! The quality of the prints and the finish of it is just spot on, and they are so flexible and fast! If you not already a customer, what are you waiting for?
David Fichtel,
COO / President at Uppsala Kafferosteri
I recommend L-Print to everyone! L-Print have the best, nicest and super professional customer service that are quick to answer any questions. On top of that they provide excellent quality labels for us.
Jenny Nilsson,
Allsta Bryggeri AB
Vi har ofte henvendelser fra andre leverandører af labels til vores produkter, men overvejer aldrig at skifte fra L-Print. Deres service og leveringstid er exceptionel og kvaliteten rigtig god. Samtidig handler vi til et fornuftigt prisniveau. L-Print er ligeledes en god samarbejdspartner ved udvikling af nye produkter med brug af nye materialer og udtryk.
Bjarke Dam,
CEO of Naturfarm Pharmacy A/S
L-Print er, udover at være de skarpeste på kvalitet herhjemme, en pisse fed samarbejdspartner, hvis rådgivning og generelle sparring, vi nyder godt af.
Mixen Lindberg,
Managing Partner of Phantom Spirits ApS
I have always been incredibly impressed by L-PRINT. Their knowledge, quality of service and the labels they provide are absolutely first class and I can completely recommend L-PRINT.
Dave Barratt,
CEO of Beersmiths AB

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