Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging is entering a new stage in its life cycle. While flexible packaging in itself is already a 5-10 times more sustainable option compared to rigid containers, like glass, metal or HDPE plastic, new advances in digital printing are bringing a lot of new options for consumers. L-Print was one of the first companies in Northern Europe to offer flexible packaging printed on the latest HP Indigo 20000.

Digital printing in flexible packaging is shaking the industry from its foundations. Printing forms are no longer necessary. Everything is customizable. Minimum quantities are gone. This results in ultra-fast turnaround times, reduced costs for small and medium print jobs, while still being the eco-friendliest printing option for its range. No order is too small to produce!  

Order packaging on-demand – get packaging when you need them, how you need them and how much you need them. With on-demand printing you are able to free your storage space and unfreeze your assets. Now you can react to market trends and unforeseen events quickly enough to reap the benefits.

Digital printing brings limitless marketing possibilities. Engage your consumers with  seasonal, location, event-based, promotional and personalized packaging. Test new products and/or new packaging before launching at full scale. Introduce products at trade shows with unique packaging and get instant attention. Furthermore, HP Mosaic technology allows us to create packaging with non-repeating design patterns – every packaging is unique! Creative and personalized packaging allows you to charge high premiums for the same products. Unleash your creativity and we’ll help you unleash your potential.

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